Underhill Mirage long-throw sprinklers

The Underhill Mirage Series of long-throw sprinklers promotes field safety because they install out of the area of play along the sidelines.

The Series includes the M-180S, M-125 and M-115. All feature electric valves-in-heads and can be used to irrigate natural turf or cool and clean synthetic fields. They can be adjusted from 30° to 360° and include a range of nozzles.

The M-180S irrigates up to a 177-ft radius and operates from 60 to 115 PSI. Rotation speed adjusts from 100 to 140 seconds. The M-125 reaches out to a 125-ft radius, operates at 45 to 120 PSI and rotates in 60 seconds. The M-115 has a sod cup and covers up to 115 ft at 45 to 120 PSI with a 60-second rotation.

Mirage sprinklers can be specified solely as a sprinkler head or as part of Underhill’s Total Solutions Kit with ductile iron swing joints, isolation valves, valve boxes, quick couplers, 2Wire Control System and AutoCad installation details.