Sewell-Thomas Stadium installs LED floodlighting for baseball

The University of Alabama’s Sewell – Thomas Stadium will soon make history as one of the first NCAA baseball fields lit with an LED light source. The University of Alabama has chosen Musco’s Light-Structure Green, having previously installed Musco’s lighting systems at several venues on campus including its tennis facility and the Sam Bailey Track Stadium.

Musco’s Light-Structure Green system using an LED light source provides many benefits for players, spectators, and television broadcasts.

Improves visibility with custom optics designed to direct the light on the field and not into the players or spectators’ eyes

Reduces energy consumption by 53 percent compared to the prior 1500-watt metal halide lights

Provides a complete solution from foundation to poletop in 5 Easy Pieces for trouble-free installation and reliable performance

Eliminates maintenance with Musco’s 10-year parts and labor warranty backed by a network of Musco technicians

The LED light source offers instant on/off/dimming capabilities for additional energy savings when full power of the system is not needed such as between games or during practice.

Jeff Rogers, Vice President of Developmental Sales, Musco Lighting, said, “The Alabama Crimson Tide is setting the stage for collegiate baseball with an energy-efficient lighting solution that improves playability, enhances broadcasts, and brings a show-time element before, during, and after games with special effects.

Combining the system’s efficient operations with Musco’s warranty, the university’s operating costs will be substantially reduced.”