U-HWK introduces sportswear action camera

U-HWK (you-hawk) announces the launch of its first product, the U-HWK Show, a sportswear action camera that allows athletes to capture in-game, point of view footage. Unlike other cameras, which are bulky and obtrusive, the U-HWK Show is customized to fit seamlessly with the athlete’s equipment across more than eight different sports including basketball, baseball, CrossFit, football, hockey, lacrosse, running, and tennis.

The U-HWK Show is inspired by the training models followed by fighter jet pilots, giving athletes the ability to re-evaluate their in-game decision making in order to provide new solutions for performance and preparation. The product has a patented mounting system that is lightweight and flexible with no profile, allowing the camera to absorb impact in physical conditions and remain flush with the helmet. The camera is simple to install, curved to fit on a variety of equipment, and easily removable to charge and/or download video via USB.

“We have seen consistent advances in the way athletes prepare themselves physically to optimize performance,” says Shea Kewin, co-founder of U-HWK. “Training methods, warm-ups, cool-downs, therapy, nutrition, and rest cycles have continually been advanced. Athletes today are better prepared physically but still have limited options available to them for mental or cognitive training, and this is the skill that wins or loses games. The UHWK Show amplifies skill sessions and post-play video analysis along with highlight reels that boost confidence, especially in young athletes, so that is meaningful to us.”

U-HWK is launching a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $40,000, to raise funds for its first run of manufacturing. The product is set to ship January 2016. The U-HWK Show will retail at $199 USD/$249 CDN per unit. As an incentive to donate to the campaign, U-HWK is offering special pricing to those who place an order before Nov. 20, 2015, with units ranging in price from $99 USD – $145 USD for single unit purchases and $499 USD – $1,075 USD for team purchases. There are a limited amount of special team reward opportunities including the option to be featured on the product packaging at a price point of $5,000, and early shipping on sample unit orders of $1,000 that will ship as soon as U-HWK reaches its fundraising goal.

To learn more about U-HWK, go to uhwk.com, and to pre-order the product at a discount, visit the Kickstarter campaign.