Loyal and fuzzy co-workers brighten days for Gwinnett Braves

In a veteran move, Hogan tucks himself under the table to keep an eye on the new people. And maybe sneak in a few pats.

In 12 years, Hogan has never missed a day on the job and just makes everything better around the office.

Chris Ball, the Gwinnett Braves director of sports turf management, raised Hogan, his big yellow lab, at the ballpark. First in Myrtle Beach with the Braves’ Class A affiliate and, since 2012, at Coolray Field.

While Hogan hangs out under the high-top table just outside Ball’s office in the depths of Coolray, the new girl, Rosey, waits, impatiently, out of sight in the office. In her kennel, the energetic black lab tap dances and lets out the occasional objection to the temporary exile.

Very soon, she’ll be sprinting laps around the outfield, though, and nosing her head under a waiting hand for her own pats.

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