Field recovery advice for fall

My fields are pretty worn out now that the soccer and football seasons are almost over. What type of recovery program should I be using?

It is not uncommon for sports fields to be worn out at this time of year after a tough three months of play. The dry weather helped in one way by avoiding many additional compaction and surface smearing issues, however, the existing turf, if unirrigated, likely struggled to keep pace with the wear. In either case a soil management program, as well as grass surface management program are needed at this time. Coring that brings soil to the surface at this time can serve as a “poor man’s topdressing” and might benefit from the inclusion of some tested and approved sand topdressing. This will provide some leveling of small ruts created during the season and also provides an excellent seedbed if overseeding program with ryegrass is expected. If seeding is expected to occur this Fall I urge you to wait until soil temperatures move into the upper 40’s and increase the amount of Kentucky bluegrass (useful for its rhizome growth that knits turf) in your seed mix. This is critical especially if the field is expected to receive Spring sports traffic! Putting the fields to be rest properly insures they will emerge form the Spring ready for use.