H20 maximizer improves water-holding capacity of soils

H20 Maximizer from Underhill International is a specially-formulated wetting agent for sports fields that penetrates dry soils and utilizes “ultra hydration” to retain more water in the root zones for healthier turf.

Available in both liquid and pellet form, H20 Maximizer is a unique natural blend of soil surfactants and polymer resin. The surfactant ingredients stimulate initial soil wetting action while the polymer resin attaches to soil particles for better water retention.

H20 remains active in the soil for four to six weeks, then biodegrades into natural materials. Because of H20’s exceptional water-holding capacity, irrigation efficiency and rainwater absorption are improved, and the need for hand watering is reduced.

H20 is especially recommended for new sod and seedings, and is also beneficial for established turf. It can be tank mixed for spray applications or injected directly into the irrigation flow or spread as pellets.

More information is available at: www.underhill.us or call 866.863.3744.