Does late frost mean waiting to apply weed control?

The recent rains served to invigorate the emergence of winter annual weeds and spurred the growth of existing broadleaf perennials seemingly overnight. As long as the average temperature for the day continues to remain above 50F it is ideal for broadleaf weed control, both perennial and winter annuals such as mouse-eared chickweed and oxalis. At this time of year these broadleaves shuttle food reserves produced during the shortening warm days of fall via photosynthesis to the perennial plant organs. This translocation is an effective means of delivering an herbicide that will provide complete kill, rather than simply burring off the leaves that often occurs from a spring application. Some might be searching for alternatives to traditional products such as high rates of iron for selective weed control. Keep in mind these products have shown some success on certain weeds, but often return in the spring due to all of complete kill. Applications at his time will provide the “two-fer” our Weed Specialist Randy Prostak always touts, by controlling existing perennial weeds and emerging winter annual weeds, insuring a weed free stand next spring.-from Dr. Frank Rossi’s blog, shortCUTTS