Toro has new GeoLink system

Toro’s research and development team is constantly working on new innovations for our customers. We’re always listening, learning and turning your input into solutions to help you work smarter — and Toro’s new GeoLink system is the latest example.

GeoLink uses GPS satellites, mapping software and individual spray nozzle control to treat turf with precision. This high-tech accessory can be added to any Multi Pro 5800 sprayer and offers three main advantages:

Environmentally responsible application. The system can be set up so that it does not allow an operator to spray into ponds and other sensitive areas — an important consideration for public properties and areas where customers take an active interest in environmentally friendly practices.

Another benefit is that GeoLink is based on turf applications, not agriculture or farming. It’s designed specifically for the way grounds professionals need to use it, with unique features like multiple inclusion zones. Groundskeepers can select all the areas that need to be treated and define them as a single job. Then when that job is selected, GeoLink will tell the operator the total area and how much chemical to mix.

Substantial chemical savings. GPS technology ensures consistent, accurate chemical application. There’s no risk of overlapping and double-spraying areas — or spraying areas you don’t want to. In preliminary trials, test groups using the GeoLink system were able to slash their chemical usage by a double-digit percentage (actual results may vary). For users with a significant chemical budget, the savings could pay for the system quickly.

Precision and repeatability. With GeoLink, even the most inexperienced operators can apply chemicals accurately, without gaps or overlaps. The sprayer knows when to turn each nozzle on or off — no worries about overspraying, underspraying or damaging sensitive turf. In addition, records of the applications are created automatically every time the sprayer is used, so grounds managers can identify and address any turf issues right away. That’s a plus for departments that don’t have an expert operator on staff or that rely on seasonal help.