GymTurf 365: the future of indoor training

Sports turf and indoor training as we know it is about to change.

Dollamur Sport Surfaces – the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, mixed martial arts, CrossFit, gymnastics, cheerleading and yoga – recently unveiled its newest product, “GymTurf 365,” developed in partnership with Shaw Sports Turf.

This high-performance, portable, indoor synthetic sports turf will answer many high school coaches’ prayers by addressing the need for sports teams to practice safely and effectively inside during periods of inclement weather or field scheduling issues.

So what are the benefits?


GymTurf 365 provides athletes and coaches with a safe and playable surface to compete on year-round at the same intensity as an outdoor practice. It’s portable and can be installed in 30 minutes or less, turning any building into an indoor practice facility. Next time it rains or snows, GymTurf 365 enables your team to continue practicing, bypassing any weather roadblocks.

“We are excited to launch a product that currently doesn’t exist in the sports turf arena,” says Dave Rossi, Dollamur Senior Vice President. “GymTurf 365 addresses the needs of coaches and athletes across the country by offering a safe, efficient and mobile way to train indoors.”

Safe, Innovative Design

Safety and playability are two of the most important qualities in sports turf. GymTurf 365 offers a low-impact, anti-abrasive flooring that is engineered to reduce injury and impact. It requires no infill, so even those annoying loose, rubber particles are absent.

GymTurf 365 features Dollamur’s patented FLEXI-Connect™ technology, a hassle-free integrated feature that connects turf sections without additional fasteners or tape. The patented system, which uses built-in hook and loop connections to join turf rolls, expedites set-up and tear down. It ensures the turf will not separate between seams for a “no slip, just grip” surface.

A True Bounce

Dollamur’s GymTurf 365 meets international soccer standards for artificial surfaces. The grip of the turf and the bounce of the ball pass requirements for competitive play as well.

In northern U.S. regions, it can be a challenge to practice baseball and softball. Even if the snow has melted, you still have to contend with the cold rain. Players risk injuries from slipping on slick surfaces as well as illness from exposure to weather conditions. In the past, the only alternative was to move indoors, which forced players to use plastic practice balls on a hardwood or concrete surface.

With GymTurf 365, baseball and softball teams can practice indoor on a padded turf surface with official balls, resulting in a true bounce that will simulate an actual field. Consequently, practice is more productive and players are better protected.


There really is no limit when it comes to who will benefit from the development of this revolutionary solution. Schools, park districts, multi-sport facilities and fitness clubs will all see positive results.

The battle for school budget dollars can be fierce. One coach wants a new piece of equipment that will benefit his or her team, while another coach is requesting money for something else. Unfortunately, position specific gear can be expensive and, in many cases, it is only used by a few athletes. One of the most exciting aspects of GymTurf 365 is the number of athletes who benefit from using it.

There are almost 10 sports that can use the indoor turf. When it is not being used by team practices, it can be utilized for physical education classes during bad weather or summer sports camps. It’s a purchase that benefits nearly every student. Those types of expenditures are rare among sports equipment.

One of the biggest challenges any outdoor sports coach faces is “Mother Nature.” In the summer, football coaches practice in the blistering heat. In the winter, snow can be detrimental to preseason training, inhibiting teams from competing during crucial practice times.

Sports are an excellent way to bring communities together, teach athletes valuable life skills and are a healthy form of exercise. GymTurf 365 provides a venue in which athletes and coaches can enjoy practice in a safe environment, despite how the forecast looks.

About Dollamur Sport Surfaces


Based in Fort Worth, Texas and established in 1996, Dollamur Sport Surfaces is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance competitive sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, MMA, CrossFit, gymnastics, cheerleading and other activities. Dollamur mats are the preferred choice in hundreds of top-level sporting competitions each year throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East, including many national championships and Olympic-qualifying tournaments.

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