Compact snow pushers from Arctic Snow & Ice Control

Sectional Sno-Pusher, a product division of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, offers its line of Compact-Duty Pushers. Compatible with small skid-steers, compact tractors and small wheel loaders, the CD pushers are perfect for clearing small parking lots, sidewalks and larger driveways. The snow pushers were developed by a veteran of the snow and ice management industry whose goal was to combine the precision of a small pusher with the capacity of a much larger one. Ideal for facility managers and established snow and ice removal professionals, the CD pushers also offer construction and landscape contractors a productive solution to maximize their fleet’s snow removal potential. Larger property owners, ranchers and farmers can also utilize these pushers on smaller equipment currently used in day-to-day operations.

Featuring a host of innovative, patented features, the CD pushers reduce fuel and salt usage by increasing pushing efficiency and eliminating follow-up plowing. Unlike traditional one-piece moldboard plows or pushers, the Sectional Sno-Pushers feature a sectional moldboard design. Each 24-inch-wide section is also equipped with it’s own spring-loaded trip edge and polyurethane cutting edge to further allow precision pushing. This unique design allows each section to move up and down independently, enabling the pusher to effectively contour to uneven surfaces and remove snow in dips and depressions on the first pass.

The CD pushers are outfitted with Sectional Sno-Pusher’s patented Slip-Hitch system, providing faster, easier and more efficient operation. The system allows the pusher to automatically adjust and continuously readjust to the pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas and less follow-up plowing. Because the Slip-Hitch ensures proper placement, less time and effort is required to position the pusher, making it ideal for inexperienced operators. It also enables the pusher to operate independently from the equipment, ensuring all four tires remain on the pavement at all times. This provides full traction, and eliminates drag and loss of horsepower.

Bolt-on mechanical side panels protect the equipment, pusher and operator. Compared to pushers with rigid fixed panels that may be severely damaged if an obstacle were encountered, the CD pusher’s side panels rotate up and over small obstructions. The panels also feature durable AR-400 hardened-steel shoes. Combined with the Slip-Hitch system, the shoes are able to ride flat along the pavement, allowing for even wear and prolonged life.

Each moldboard section is individually mounted to the pusher’s mainframe with engineered polyurethane blocks. In the unlikely event of damage, one single section can easily be unbolted, removed and replaced in less than 15 minutes, providing both time and cost savings.

Designed for equipment weighing up to 5,000 pounds, the CD pusher is available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of equipment. The 6-foot, CD6 model is the smallest, with a weight of 1,000 pounds and pushing capacity of 0.7 cubic yards. Weighing in at 1,108 pounds, the CD8 is an 8-foot model that offers a capacity of 0.9 cubic yards. Finally, the CD10 is the largest of the compact-duty pushers. The 10-foot pusher weighs 1,216 pounds and offers a 1.1 cubic yard capacity. One pusher fits all thanks to the universal bucket mounting system, which allows the pusher to be connected in minutes. Furthermore, every CD pusher is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

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