Time to nominate candidates for STMA Board of Directors

The STMA Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the 2016 STMA Board elections. Anyone who is interested, please fill out this simple form. Uncertain about the responsibilities of an STMA national board member? Click here to review our Board Handbook that provides detailed information.

Immediate Past President David Pinsonneault reflects on his past six and one-half years of board service and offers this advice to those who are considering running. “Board service is a great way to give back to the organization. The great thing about STMA is that we all share a passion, and we all have knowledge to share. Serving on the Board of Directors provides an avenue for sharing that passion and knowledge, and together with great staff and the Strategic Plan positions our members to succeed. These are exciting yet challenging times that through your service we can influence for the benefit of our members and elevate safe fields for all users of our facilities,” says Pinsonneault.

As Pinsonneault notes, STMA uses its strategic plan to guide the work of the board. The new 2015-2017 plan began its implementation in January, and staff and committee work is concentrated around the goals of the plan. At each quarterly meeting the Board reviews the plan and the association’s progress to it. Adjustments can be made and resources redeployed to focus on areas that may need more attention. New Board members also spend time during their orientation learning about how STMA functions and the importance of the plan to the association. Read the plan here.

For 2016, three category-specific Director positions are open. They include Director – Academic, Director – Parks & Recreation, and Director – Higher Education. To be eligible to be slated in one of these positions, you must be a current voting member of STMA in one of these categories. You quality as a member in Higher Education if you manage sports fields for institutions that provide education beyond the secondary level. To qualify in the Parks and Recreation category you must manage sports fields for a parks and recreational facility, municipality, city or other non-profit entity. Academics are defined as anyone who is engaged in research, education or in extension outreach programs related to sports fields. Directors who are elected to represent specific categories hold two-year terms with the opportunity to be re-elected to a second term.

One additional Director position is up for election: the Director – At Large Elected. Any category of voting membership is eligible to be slated for this one-year position.

The deadline to submit your interest is Fri., Aug. 14. The Nominating Committee will begin its work to vet candidates as they develop the slate for the election process. The membership will receive the 2016 ballot in November, and the newly elected Board will take office in January during the STMA Annual Meeting on Jan. 21, 2016 in San Diego, CA.