Syngenta fungicide ready for sports turf market

Syngenta said that its Heritage Action fungicide is now available to the golf, sod and sports-turf markets — just in time for summer disease control.
Heritage Action offers hybrid technology that couples the proven disease control of Heritage fungicide with a boost of acibenzolar-s-methyl (ASM) for both enhanced biotic and abiotic stress management.
Syngenta Turf Marketing Manager Stephanie Schwenke said Heritage Action builds upon the proven disease protection of Heritage fungicide, which golf course superintendents have trusted for many years.
“With the addition of ASM, Heritage Action boosts the plant’s natural defenses, helping create strong, healthy turf that is prepared to withstand stresses from disease, golfers and Mother Nature,” she said.
Heritage Action stimulates five plant proteins that effectively manage biotic and abiotic stressors. The result is enhanced energy production, drought tolerance, heat tolerance, photosynthesis and pathogen defense.
ASM is the only active ingredient registered in turf that is recognized by Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) to have specific absorption rate effects, which stimulate the plant’s natural stress defenses for heightened disease protection. ASM also is the only compound proven to affect stomatal regulation for maximized water retention in heat and drought conditions. – See more at: