Optimizer PSi delivers silicon in tank mix compatible formulation

Optimizer PSi delivers plant-derived silicon in opaline form with a plant-derived protein nitrogen carrier. Marketed exclusively by United Turf Alliance members and dealer partners, Optimizer PSi contains 25% of the novel silicon in a concentrated dry powder formulation. This formulation delivers silicon in an immediately bio-available form when applied to turfgrass. It is the first silicon product for turf to offer excellent tank mix compatibility with both foliar nutrient products and plant protection products.

Optimizer PSi provides quicker plant fortification due to its bio-availability of silicon. Specific plant health benefits include increased turgidity as well as improved tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, stronger cell walls, thicker leaf blades, better root systems and less transevaporation.

“Silicon is one of the most important fortification nutrients for turfgrass, but must be provided in an available form on an appropriate carrier and, until now, that has been difficult,” United Turf Alliance President Tim Zech said. “With the combination of the right form of silicon with the specific carrier found in Optimizer PSi, golf course superintendents and other turf professionals will finally be able to deliver silicon efficiently and see more immediate plant response.” Incorporated in 2005, United Turf Alliance markets leading edge turf protection products under the ArmorTech and Optimizer brand names through its members and dealer partners. The alliance directs its efforts toward discriminating golf course superintendents and other turfgrass professionals who value relationships based on industry and product knowledge combined with excellent customer service.