These STMA videos can help make a difference

Help parent and youth groups understand the importance of safe fields and the role of a sports field manager.

The SAFE Foundation, STMA’s charity, developed three videos on how to evaluate the surface of a sports field. Sports and Recreation Fields – Safety First is an educational outreach program directed to parent groups, volunteers, coaches — virtually anyone who has a stake in outdoor sports . These videos provide a step-by-step process to evaluate a natural grass field, a synthetic field and sports facilities/equipment and were supported by a grant from The Toro Foundation.

Distributing the videos serves two purposes:
1) Validates your role to those who use your fields. The process of doing a quick field review by your user groups will confirm that your fields are well-managed and strengthens your relationship with these user groups. It also offers an opportunity for you to educate them on your field management practices.
2) Positions you as a community advocate and resource for safe fields. Send the link to your local Boys and Girls Clubs, youth sports associations, the local PTA, gym teachers, high school coaches, referees…your contact list is broad and contains those who would benefit from watching the video.

Look for more videos produced by the SAFE Foundation later this year.