Underhill expands MSSB series of valve boxes

Underhill International now offers seven models in its MSSB Series of stainless steel valve boxes for Mirage long-throw sprinklers that enhance player safety and facilitate installation.

The extra-large capacity boxes accommodate Mirage sprinklers, isolation valves, quick couplers, electrical junction boxes and other sub-surface components, such as public address systems.

The expanding Mirage sprinkler line-up is designed for natural and synthetic turf, where they are used to cool and clean fields before play.

The MSSB boxes are utilized with Underhill’s Mirage M-180S, M-160, M-125 and M-115 sprinklers, and can also solely accommodate 300 Series sleeve valves or an isolation valve.

The boxes seat below grade and promote safety because they do not present a hazard on sports fields. Additionally they have a uniform edge that adjoins the synthetic turf on all four sides, creating a uniform and unbroken playing surface.

MSSB boxes are constructed from 14-gauge stainless steel with hemmed edges for additional strength. The lids are constructed from 12-gauge stainless steel and have a ½” deep recess filled with HDPDE material for superior adhesion surface. This provides both resiliency and support for field grooming and other maintenance equipment.

The removable lids provide easy access to all components for routine servicing.

MSSB boxes for the M-180S and M-160, M115, M-125 and Isolation sprinkler boxes are 18” wide x 18” long x 18” deep. The quick coupler sprinkler box is 12” cubed.

For more information about the MSSB Series, contact Underhill at 866-863-3744 or online at www.underhill.us.