Tempers tested over timing of turf topdress

The Mercantile Cricket Association in Australia was already having a play-off to remember after Burnley CYMS last weekend set Youlden-Parkville a record target at Cordner Oval in Fawkner Park. A staggering act of ill-timing has ensured its 2014-15 A-grade grand final will truly never be forgotten.

Youlden-Parkville will resume its pursuit of 432 for victory on Saturday at 2-109, confronted with an outfield that was top-dressed during the week in preparation for the community sport that will be played there through winter.

In news that would stagger your average cricket pitch curator, who tends to protect their turf like they do their first born, the top-dressing was done by a contractor who at the same time was preparing the wicket for the second half of the grand final.

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