Conserve water and boost nutrient efficiency

H2OExcel is a 100% biodegradable solution made up of all-natural ingredients assembled to function as a water conservation agent and nutrient efficiency booster. This unique product is a proprietary formula from Brookside Agra that utilizes the power of natural extracts from desert plants, which have an increased ability to absorb and store water more efficiently than others. H2OExcel has the unique ability to reduce soil and water surface tension thereby allowing soils to absorb and retain water much faster than normal. H2OExcel affects the soil capillarity in a way that water can infiltrate faster and deeper than normal.

Dr. Cale A. Bigelow, Associate Professor of Agronomy – Turfgrass Science, conducted the Purdue University turf treatment studies from late May 2013 to early August 2013. The study area consisted of a sand-based rootzone conforming to USGA rootzone specifications and a mature stand of creeping bentgrass. The turf was maintained according to typical, moderate putting green management practices for the region and fertilizer, insecticides and fungicides were applied on an as-needed basis.

The turf treatment studies compared the use of Brookside Agra’s H2O Excel, the leading competitor’s product and the untreated control at various application rates and timings/frequencies. The plots were assessed for overall visual turf grass quality, wilted/brown turf and turf injury. Canopy greenness by reflectance was also measured and values were presented in a color index value.

The research concluded that turf treated with H2O Excel and the leading competitor’s product displayed significantly less wilt and healthier visual/turf quality to the untreated control turf. However, the all-natural H2O Excel results were accomplished using 86% less product than the leading chemical-based competitor to achieve virtually the same outcome for these studies.

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