K100 fuel treatment

Developed in 1965, K100 Fuel Treatment removes water from fuel systems by seeking out water, encapsulating it, altering the chemical make-up of water by changing it to a combustible compound that burns clean, lubricates, and increases power in gasoline, diesel, and home heating fuels. K100 Fuel Treatments are designed and formulated for use in all fuels including E-10, ULSD, Off-Road, Bio-Diesel and Home-Heating Fuels.  We are a national supplier of fuel treatment products for fleets, small engine sales & service, as well as lawn care contractors for residential, commercial, sports fields, university campuses, and golf courses.  For the Turf Industry Professionals, these fuel treatments will increase your gas mileage, reduce maintenance costs on both equipment and vehicles, and transform standard fuel to premium fuel, which will not harm your investments.