The affordable Zee from Smithco

One of the big issues a field manager faces is getting his field ready with a limited budget and a limited staff. That’s just what the Sand Star ZEE is designed for.

Even with standing water, the center-mounted scarifier turns over clay, spreading out the water, allowing air and wind to dry out the area. And only the ZEE offers an optional front-mounted plow. 

Plus the Zee’s patented Flex Brush Rear Drag implement can be used in a variety of conditions, from fully raised to fully lowered or anywhere in between to create solutions for almost any issue. All the while the Flex Brush levels and grooms your field.

Plus the ZEE uses a large 22 hp commercial grade engine designed specifically for ZTRs allowing it to run at a lower rpm for peak torque.

The Smithco Sand Star ZEE offers you all these solutions to the problems you face every day at a very affordable price.