10 things managers CANNOT delegate

The reasons most managers don’t delegate are complex, often wrapped up in values, identify, trust, power, control, and fear. So we’ll save that article for another day – that is, something on why managers don’t delegate. This article examines the other extreme end of the delegation continuum – the handful of things a manager should never delegate. Everything else is fair game.

  1. Vision.Vision is the essence of leadership, so if a manager attempts to hand off the creation of a vision to someone else (a consultant, a team, a team member), they may as well be delegating away their leadership. Sure, it’s often a good idea to get others involved in the creation of a vision – for more on that see How to Align Your Team Around a Shared Vision. This is one area where the manager is going to set the stage, be very involved, and ultimately, have final approval.
  2. Hiring decisions.I’ve also seen managers be overly dependent on search consultants, agencies, search committees, and HR for finding talent and making hiring decisions. I may be an outlier when it comes to this, but I believe hiring talent is one of the most important things a manager can do in order to be successful. Why would you delegate such an important process? I even go as far as to insist on doing my own phone screens and background checks. I want to talk to former bosses myself, in order to verify things the candidate told me, or to gain valuable information that will help me be a better manager for the candidate if hired.

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