Aquatrols, St. Andrews Links Trust Reach a Three-Year Agreement on Use of Greenkeeping Products

Aquatrols, the world leader in soil surfactant technology, is pleased to announce that it has reached a three-year agreement with the St. Andrews Links Trust to supply Revolution® and other Aquatrols products to all seven courses at St. Andrews through 2017.  According to Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping at St. Andrews, the agreement with Aquatrols was reached after careful consideration and years of satisfactory experience using Aquatrols products.

“We have been using Aquatrols products, primarily Revolution, across our seven courses for over five years. We chose Revolution because we require a product that can achieve success in the wide variety of soil structures that make up the Links Trust. Revolution allows us to optimise turf health across all of the sites and helps us to deliver the optimum conditions expected at the Home of Golf,” said Gordon.

“We pride ourselves on working with the experts in any given field. The sheer amount of research that Aquatrols puts into its products highlights their strong commitment to the industry. Aquatrols’ dedication to research, along with their years of demonstrated expertise and service has created a strong working relationship between us,” he continued.

Representatives from Aquatrols said they were thrilled to agree to the three-year deal.

“We are honored to be able to supply Aquatrols and Farmura products to the St. Andrews Links Trust. Our commitment to optimizing growing conditions at St. Andrews mirrors our global commitment to the turf industry as a whole,” said Tom Malehorn, International Marketing Manager for Aquatrols.

Aquatrols President and CEO Tracy Jarman echoed that sentiment. “We take pride in delivering products that stand up to the rigorous demands of our customers. It brings me great joy to know that Aquatrols products are trusted at the highest levels of the turf industry. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the St. Andrews Links Trust as we work to change the way the world grows,” she said.

Aquatrols is the world leader in the development of cutting-edge soil surfactants and other specialty technologies used in the professional turf, ornamental, and agricultural industries. Family owned and operated since 1954, Aquatrols has committed itself to changing the way the world grows by developing and supplying innovative solutions for sustainably managing soil, water and plant interactions. For more information on Aquatrols and its products, please visit