New watertight cover designed for Heinz Field in Pittsburgh

A custom “Raincover” field cover designed for Heinz Field, home to the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, is earning rave reviews.
In Pittsburgh, they’ve adopted a unique cover removal process. After a rainstorm, the groundskeeping crew blows air underneath the cover to force the water to run off the sides. Unfortunately, the Velcro closures joining the sections of the original cover allowed water to run through to the field below. Covermaster was asked to design a different closure system that would eliminate the water leakage issue.
Covermaster designed and constructed a water tight closure system to join the three sections of the cover together, and feedback has been positive, said Larry Moreland, East Regional Representative. Head groundskeeper Chris Ecton and Director of Facilities Brian Opacic are happy with the new cover’s performance, which has been put to the test since it was delivered in October.
“It is an industry first to have a water tight closure system on lightweight covers,” Larry said. “They did have rain, and they put air under the tarp and the closure held the water out.”
When a problem arose, Covermaster was happy to come up with an innovative solution for Heinz Field Stadium, a long-time customer of Covermaster products for more than 25 years.