Was there a Jim Karn in your life?

Gerald Landby, Landscape Services and Arboretum Director for Winona State University, and a former STMA Field of the Year winner, sent us a link to this story last month. It is a good one, about a man who loved baseball and taking care of his field.

About a quarter century ago, on a cold, slate-gray November afternoon in Minnesota just before the first snow fell, I drove by our baseball field in my home town of Crookston and found Jim Karn’s battered van parked by the front gates. The rest of the world had moved on to football, or hockey, or basketball but Karnie was at the field by himself, putting down the last fertilizer on the infield, or tamping in the last bit of clay to the pitcher’s mound, or mending a fence, or patching a leak in the roof of a dugout, because for him, baseball knew no season.

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