SprinklerMaps software battles ineffective landscape maps

San Diego-based software company Groundskeeper Tech (GT) is challenging the status quo with their mapping software SprinklerMaps. Introduced at the STMA National Conference in January of 2014, the software application has already sparked significant interest from turf managers worldwide. 

GT Founder Mike D’Ascanio began developing SprinklerMaps in response to a pressing need he identified in his years of experience in turf maintenance. Working as head groundskeeper at the University of California, D’Ascanio grew frustrated with printed paper landscape maps, which were routinely outdated, inaccurate, or flat out inaccessible.

As an alternative to ineffective paper landscape maps, SprinklerMaps gives users the ability to plot their irrigation and utility systems with pinpoint precision on a live satellite map, transforming an iPad into a practical landscape management tool. Additional features include a handy square footage estimator, Sprinkler Radius Viewer, GPM tallies, and the ability to “flag” markers for repair. Coupled with the built-in communication tools that iPads already provide, SprinklerMaps is pioneering the future of technology in the landscape industry. 

The benefits of the SprinklerMaps solution includes greatly increased efficiency for maintenance workers who use the tool to locate and document repairs.  SprinklerMaps also provides a system of accountability, allowing landscape managers to map out assigned tasks and track progress, saving time and money for all involved. 

SprinklerMaps is designed specifically for landscape and irrigation managers, providing a practical technology solution that is well ahead of the curve.  Amongst the industry leaders embracing this technology are major universities, golf courses, and several professional sports teams including an English Premier League Soccer Team.  

“This is really only the beginning of what we have planned,” D’Ascanio explains. “SprinklerMaps is a solid foundation we will continue to build on.  We look forward to working further with our colleagues developing technology solutions for landscape maintenance that improve results, while saving time and money.”

SprinklerMaps™ Digital Irrigation Mapping

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