The Olds College Turfgrass program is undergoing a major overhaul, with the needs of both students and industry as the driving force behind the changes.  The program will be undergoing changes that will revolutionize the way education is delivered in this field.

The traditional model for teaching this program included the standard two semesters per year schedule, but this type of schedule was not working for industry, or for students.  The result, was the new program, that offers 15 weeks of training in the classroom, beginning in January, followed up by a full season of working for a variety of golf courses, getting hands-on experience and using what they learn in the field.

“By having our residency begin in January, our students are not in the classroom during their work season,” explains Ian Morrow of the Turfgrass Management Program at Olds College. They will do all on-campus learning before they are needed by employers on the golf course.  Students can make money for the entire season, and employers can hire students who are being trained for a career, not just a summer or seasonal job.”

The Turfgrass Management Program at Olds College is positioned to train our students to become leaders within the Turfgrass Industry.  As a Premier Turfgrass Program, we have developed a network of industry partners that will employ the students in a “Field School” internship to accomplish the hands-on learning component of the curriculum.  We deliver relevant science and business based turfgrass training that is unique to any other industry training that is currently being offered.  We do this by offering a large portion of turfgrass training while the learner is in the field.  This allows our students to earn a living while they apply our curriculum in real life employment in their selected field.

Students will learn all aspects of Golf Course Management, including irrigation, wetland conservation, environmental management, golf course design, construction and renovation, golf course management, equipment management, and more.  It is a truly all-encompassing education, in a growing field.

The Turfgrass Management Program at Olds College is the only program dedicated fully to the art of Golf Course Management.  If you want to work to learn about golf courses, you want to train at Olds College. The Turfgrass Management Program at Olds College offers a 4 year Applied Degree in Golf Course Management but there are several exit points allowing the student to take as much or as little education as they desire. There is an exit point after 2 years giving the student a Diploma in Turfgrass Management. Another exit point is after the first year where the student will gain a Certificate in Turfgrass Management. Industry certificates such as the Alberta Pesticide Applicator License and the Audubon International Certified Environmental Professional will also be available through training at the Turfgrass Management Program at Olds College.

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