Replace mass with science in turf base system

UltraBaseSystems Champion is a patented STRUCTURALLY engineered sub base replacement system used for the installation of any synthetic turf. The panel is designed to dramatically reduce the need for extensive site preparation both indoors and outdoors, creating a base structure capable of supporting enormous loads while greatly improving impact requirements. The results are a SAFER playing surface. High flow volumes both vertically and horizontally are achieved with UBS Champion creating a system capable of rapidly directing rainwater away from the turf and the players.

UltraBaseSystems Champion is the result of innovative engineering and the economic demands of an enthusiastic industry. UBS Champion provides the scientific approach to base replacement the industry has come to expect from UltraBaseSystems. Replace mass with science.  Measuring 5.44 sq feet, the same area as the UBS Standard panel yet weighing 40% less, this.75 inch panel is built for strength and priced to impress.

Here is a introductory video by inventor Dave Barlow.