Many areas of the country are under snow cover from a cold and snowy winter. In fact, this winter Indianapolis, IN has received more snow that any other winter in the history of recording weather data.  

With that said, spring sports are beginning or are just around the corner. A question I have received a couple times this past week was, “How do I remove snow from my field?”

The answer: Simply take a tarp drum and strap it to a tractor bucket.  Now you have a plow that will not cause damage to the turf.  

With that said, there are many additional ways to remove snow; the Sports Turf Managers Association has released a publication on Removing Snow From a Playing Surface.

And here is a link to an article in SportsTurf magazine from January 2013 on the subject.

Good luck to those groundskeepers and coaches looking to get their fields ready this season.

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