Online STMA Exhibitor List

Online STMA Exhibitor List

Here is a list of preferred companies who will be exhibiting at the Sports Turf Managers Association’s 25th anniversary Conference & Exhibition, January 23-24, in San Antonio, with links to their websites and/or specific products that will be on display:

Hydraway Drainage Systems

Hydraway features a unique core design that has been tested to exceed 11,400 psf. It has the highest inflow rate in the industry, and is superior to traditional drain pipe in sports turf applications because (1) the entire surface allows water to flow through it, and (2) its high compressive strength won’t fail on the job site due to heavy equipment during installation. The result: sports fields that drain quickly as intended and no down time during the game. For more information, visit:

Vipol Matrix Mesh by Aer-Flo, Inc.

Just over 7 years ago, Aer-Flo, Inc. introduced Vipol Matrix Mesh to the Sports Turf industry.  Our BP Zone Turf and Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protectors, as well as Tuffy Windscreen are made with our exclusive Vipol Matrix Mesh.  Vipol is the strongest, longest lasting mesh in the industry!  Found at virtually all levels of turf management – NCAA baseball and football (to include all football and/or baseball teams with natural fields in the SEC), 15 NFL fields and numerous Major and Minor League Baseball fields.  We have over 21 colors to choose from.  Custom sizes and shapes available.  Add Chroma-Bond Imprinting for that “home field” touch!            

TempLine Removable Synthetic Turf Paint

TempLine waterbased paints are easy to apply and remove, with outstanding brightness, opacity, play durability and weather resistance in between. TempLine paint is available in three grades, depending on your need for extended durability versus short term utility and ease of removal.  All three grades come ready to use in a broad range of colors formulated to dry fast and stay flexible without binding together turf fibers or infill granules. TempLine paints are valued for the brightness and durability they provide without creating heavy build-up. TempLine Turf Paints and Removers are formulated to work together as a highly efficient marking and removal system, especially when used with the TempLine Mantis Extractor. Visit us on the web at

Eco Chemical

Redexim Verti-Drains

The Redexim Verti- Drain 2220 and 2216 (also called the Bullet) are the fastest Verti-Drains yet. The Bullet gives the superintendent the ability to aerate both fast and deep, penetrating nine inches into the soil at speeds up to 3.5 mph. With the hydraulic option on the Bullet depth adjustments can be made easily from the tractor chair by adjusting the front and rear rollers. Additionally the three point hitch on the Bullet is offset which makes the machine more efficient by reducing the chance of tracking over previous passes. The Bullet is a tough and fast Verti-Drain that is setting a new standard in the aeration industry. The Bullet

 Penn State Online Turfgrass Programs

 ·         Basic Certificate in Turfgrass Management

·         Advanced Certificate in Turfgrass Management

·         Associate in Turgrass Science and Management

·         Bachelor in Turfgrass Science

·         Masters in Turfgrass Management

 No matter what your level of experience is, we have a turfgrass program to meet your needs — offered entirely online so you can continue to work while earning your degree or certificate. Learn More.

  PBI/Gordon’s Katana Turf Herbicide

 PBI-Gordon Corporation’s Katana Turf Herbicide is labeled by the EPA for use on professionally managed sports turf, including park district, school district, college and professional sports fields, as well as on golf courses (fairways, roughs and tees).

Katana Turf Herbicide is part of PBI-Gordon’s ProForm product line of fast-acting herbicides. Like other products in this line, Katana continues to work in cooler weather and is not as temperature dependent as competitive products.

The herbicide is labeled for control of 58 weeds with post-emergence and some pre-emergence activity. Highly selective in bermuda, zoysia, centipede and buffalo grasses, and seashore paspalum, Katana is an excellent product for removal of overseeded cool-season grasses. In addition, university trials prove Katana excels in controlling Poa annua, ryegrass, clumpy ryegrass, Poa trivialis, tall fescue and annual ryegrass in warm-season turf.

Sports turf management professionals needing additional information about Katana may visit or call 800.884.3719. Early order and bundle bonus programs are currently available for Katana now through Dec. 6, 2013. For information, visit


Turf Star RPR and Turf Blue HGT, so unique and distinctly different from the competition, both turf blends have raised the bar for Sports Turf applications.

Barenbrug’s innovative research and product development team has produced 2 new turfgrass stars for Sports Turf applications.  Quick to germinate and fast to establish, both varieties exhibit excellent traffic tolerance and the unique ability to rapidly recover from excess wear.

Turf Star RPR, Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, is now in a select category of its own – Lolium perenne ssp. stoloniferum. Recognized as a species distinctly different than traditional perennial ryegrass, Lolium perenne ssp. stoloniferum was first described in 1836, and Turf Star RPR is now the first and only turf quality ‘stoloniferum’ ryegrasses available to the sports turf manager. Initiating ‘determinate stolons’, Turf Star RPR exhibits both superior traffic tolerance and a strong recuperative ability while maintaining its overall quality and appearance. It’s ideal for all traditional PR areas of adaptation, plus unique persistence and performance across the transition zone.

Turf Blue HGT also rates as a significant, new problem solver for sports turf. Featuring a new, highly aggressive and wear tolerant Kentucky bluegrass, Barvette HGT, Turf Blue HGT has changed the way turf managers looks at Kentucky bluegrass in the tough transition zone. Pushed aside by turf-type tall fescue and cold-tolerant bermudas in many areas of the country, bluegrass has become an unknown to many of today’s new generation of sports turf managers. Turf Blue HGT is about to change that. Germinating in less than 10 days and rapidly covering ground, this blend created a stir when a newly seeded soccer field in Maryland was opened for play in 35 days and stayed in play. Exhibiting outstanding resistance to Summer Patch and strong tolerance to grubs and billbugs, Turf Blue HGT is worth a strong look. Rating either #1 or in the top statistical group for 16 different traits in the 2005 NTEP transition zone sites, Barvette HGT has kicked the bar off the top and set a whole new set of standards.

 New Jacobsen TurfCat Out-Front Mower

 In 2014, Jacobsen will update its legendary TurfCat out-front mower. The new mower will feature a Tier IV final Kubota engine, foldable ROPS, and less maintenance thanks to new hydraulic deck drives (gone are the belt and pulley drives).

The TurfCat is popular with sports field managers because it’s the only mower that offers a 60” flail deck, which discharges grass and debris down into the turf – significantly reducing the danger of thrown projectiles and providing a more attractive after-cut appearance.

In addition to the fine-cut flail, the TurfCat offers five other deck configurations, including 60-inch, 63-inch and 72-inch hydraulic-drive rotary decks.  Other attachments include a brush, plow, snow blower and debris blower.

 CoverSports USA

“Humphrys-CoverSports manufactures and distributes a broad selection of protective coverings of field tarps and growth blankets, windscfreens, wall padding, and grand format digital printing capabilities, including these brands: FieldSaver, FenceMate, GymGuard, TuffPrint, GrandSlam Fencing, IncrediSeal and EnviroSafe. For more information contact

 Agrium Advanced Technologies

Your community takes pride in how its sports fields look and play. Spread it & Forget it is an advanced, high-efficiency fertilizer that is DRIVEN BY DURATION CR Controlled-Release Fertilizer. Spread it & Forget it is designed to effectively feed these valuable turf areas for up to six months.  This saves you time, labor and money! Visit us at booth #324 to see how Spread it & Forget it can fit into your field maintenance program this season.

 Agrium Advanced Technologies

Booth #324

 New Pro League Champion Brown from Turface

New Pro League Champion Brown, a superior conditioner with a rich brown color, is the fourth color to join the respected lineup of infield conditioners from Turface Athletics. Its patented particle size ensures the ultimate fielding and sliding surface to keep skinned infields safe and playable. All four Pro League colors now feature a new, advanced dye and production process that allows for longer wear. Pro League absorbs its weight in water to prevent puddles on the infield and stave off rainouts. That absorbed moisture will later release to prevent a hard, cracked field when it’s dry.

 Campey Turf Care

“Perfecting Play” is our main aim. Innovative machinery and methods is key to maintaining all levels of natural playing surfaces, machinery designed and built for the sports turf manager and the ever increasing demands for surface perfection.

The Koro by Imants Field TopMaker is at the forefront of mechanical maintenance of thatch and weed grass management, along with the new development of the Koro Universe and Terraplane rotors for both warm and cool season grass is perfection.

The Imants ShockWave and RotoKnife offer variable linear aeration and with the introduction of the Mini RotoKnife a fast inexpensive aeration tool for small tractors or utility vehicles.

If quality safe natural grass surfaces are your desire, Campey Imants products and knowledge will help any field.

Campey Imants