Beginning in January, BioWorks will offer a new line of professional turf fertilizers under the brand name Verdanta VitalSource. These organic and organic-based products provide essential nutrients to help turfgrass and landscape plants reach peak health without synthetic chemicals. 

Initially, BioWorks will offer seven granular products, three of which are organic, awaiting OMRI certification. VitalSource fertilizers are uniquely formulated with up to 15 high-quality organic and mineral raw materials, and feature the exclusive MINIGRANĀ® Technology, which creates homogenous microgranules to deliver better controlled, more efficient nutrient distribution with less leaching.

“Verdanta VitalSource is one big step for BioWorks in our efforts to support the turfgrass market with biological products,” commented Joe Gionta, BioWorks Director of Sales and Marketing. “We understand the need for quality alternatives that are safer to workers and the environment. This is a great solution for turfgrass managers sensitive to those safety concerns.
Low-odor, easy to use VitalSource fertilizers are ideal for golf courses, athletic fields and landscapes, commercial, institutional and residential grounds. For more about the individual products, visit

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