Broce Turf Boss sweeper newest machine for synthetic turf maintenance

The high-powered, patent-pending, three-wheel Broce “Turf Boss” sweeper can groom a typical turf field in a single pass, with full 8’ brush contact, reducing field maintenance time by up to two-thirds.  Its reversible brush rotation, included as standard equipment, can double productivity by allowing the operator to sweep in both directions without turning around. 

Typical underperforming turf sweepers with limited brush surface require several passes to maintain a synthetic turf field.  Due to their poor hydraulic performance, they use convoluted brush wafers, which reduces brush-turf contact.  Even with this reduced contact, typical turf sweepers suffer from engine and hydraulic overheating issues. 

In contrast, the Turf Boss sweeper’s hydraulics are engineered to deliver more power to the brush, which enables full brush-turf contact for faster field maintenance.  To combat overheating issues on turf fields, its radiator is designed to operate in 140 °F ambient temperatures.  It is the only sweeper of its kind to incorporate a hydraulic oil cooler as standard equipment. 

While most sweepers used for turf maintenance were originally designed for road construction with 6-inch wide tires that can sink into turf and leave an imprint, the Turf Boss comes standard with turf-specific, 12-inch wide tires that tread lightly on turf with minimal imprint.

To further reduce equipment maintenance, the Turf Boss features a stationary guarding system that prevents turf fibers and debris from winding around its rotating brush shaft.  Its rotating idler shaft is fully protected inside the stationary shielding chamber, and its outboard mounted bearing with lip guard keeps it safely out of the fray.  The unit’s programmable, variable-speed brush rotation also employs ramp-up/down with zero rotation on start-up to further reduce wear and tear.

Broce Manufacturing Co.