New Turbo Shift hose-end nozzles for sports turf

Turbo Shift, a multi-function, dual variable flow hose-end nozzle, is now available from Underhill International. Dual variable flow delivers light fog and low volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high-gear, high-volume outputs.

Featuring robust “firefighter quality” construction, Turbo Shift is the latest addition to Underhill’s Magnum UltraMAX line of nozzles. Turbo Shift is designed for use on sports fields, parks, playgrounds and other public areas – and is also practical for stadium and playground wash-downs and equipment clean-ups.

Turbo Shits is offered in five models with either pistol or firefighter grips.
A Low Flow model opens with 7 to 12 GPM and turbo shifts from 14 to 17 GPM. The High Flow model opens with 12 to 17 GPM and turbo shifts from 20 to 43 GPM. The Super High Flow model performs from 34 to 104 GPM.  All flow rates are based on 80 psi.

The ergonomically designed pistol grip or firefighter grips have sturdy ball valves and push-pull on/off control handles. All models have ¾” or 1” inlets.

Leak-proof and virtually indestructible, UltraMax nozzles are constructed from aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and TPR rubber.