New shear strength tester from Turf-Tec

The new Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester also known as a shear vane apparatus in scientific literature is a specially designed tool to test the stability of natural grass athletic field turfgrass root systems.  In addition, the Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester can also test the types and depth of cleats that will perform best in your particular turfgrass root system and environment.  Knowing the correct cleat to play in will not only insure proper footing during play, but will also reduce slipping and may also create a safer playing environment for athletes.

The unique design of the new Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester with the shear vane foot allows the turf stability to be tested to insure the health of the root system directly on athletic fields.  The Turf-Tec Shear Strength Tester can also test different cleat designs and cleat depths to insure proper footing during play.  Simply unscrew the shear vane testing foot and screw in the cleats to be used during play and insert the tool into the soil.  By simply pressing down and turning the tool until the turf fails, you can get a reading in Newton Meters as to the shear strength of the turf.  Different cleat types and depths can be tested and compared to each other right on the playing field.  This will insure the cleat choice is optimum for that field on that given day, regardless of field moisture, soil types, turf varieties or weather conditions.

Turf-Tec International