SoftTop Roll-up Field Technology = Increased ROI

The patented SoftTop turf technology combined with our Matrix Turf system, allows your artificial turf panels to be rolled up and stored, and then later unrolled and reconnected. With SoftTop a single sports facility can accommodate a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events, while maintaining consistent quality, durability and playability of the artificial turf.

The first ever three-in-one field installation to utilize the Matrix SoftTop technology is the Dallas Cowboys Texas. It features interchangeable panels that make up three separate fields: NFL, NCAA/High School Football, and FIFA Soccer.

The Alamodome in San Antonio also knows the importance of hosting a multitude of events and was the first to install our single SoftTop removable roll-up turf system in 2003.

Recently, they purchased a second system to accommodate even more sporting events. Other facilities that utilize the convertible field technology are the University of Idaho and Northern Arizona University.

The Matrix SoftTop system at Northern Arizona University contains fewer removable panels for convenient, on-site storage.

Installation time with 16 people is approximately 40 hours
The “Hellas Hopper” is a specialized attachment designed to independently remove each turf panel with minimal manpower.
Hellas Sports Construction supplies all of the tools, equipment, and training necessary for a complete SoftTop removable turf system.
Hellas Sports Construction also offers maintenance and installation services for the life of the removable synthetic turf system.