ASBA publishes a series of Position Papers, which are one-page technical documents on subjects of interest to those in the industry.

ASBA’s Position Papers can be found on the website,, on the page for each division. They can be downloaded and printed out free of charge. They can be an invaluable source of information to members as well as to others in the industry.

To access the Position Papers for the Tennis, Track, Indoor or Fields divisions, click on the colored tabs under the words, “Build It Right.” Tabs are set up for each division. When that page opens, “Position Papers” should be the second option down.

Position papers address topics including (but not limited to):

Tennis: Birdbaths, Asphalt Stripping, Regulating Pace, Pinholes, Rust Spots

Track: Asphalt Acceptance, Equal Quadrant vs. Non-Equal Quadrant Tracks, Raised Curb vs. Flush Curb, Runways in D Areas, Water on Tracks

Fields: Qualifying/Pre-Qualifying Sports Field Contractors

Indoor: Concrete Compounds and Sealants, Jobsite Conditions, Static and Rolling Loads, Surface Tolerances and Testing
Have an idea for a Position Paper and want to write one? Get in touch with the appropriate Division President and offer your suggestions.

A few guidelines:

·         Position papers should be limited to a one-page discussion of the topic

·         Position Papers should not include brand names or proprietary systems

·         Position Papers should address an issue other industry members are familiar with.

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