Turfco’s T3000i spreader sprayer available with 3-in-1 auxiliary tank

Turfco’s T3000i spreader sprayer coupled with the optional 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank provides maximum productivity and ease of use. With hands-free speed control the patent-pending T3000i is made even more productive with the tank’s additional spray capacity.

The versatile T3000i spreader sprayer is small enough to fit through a 36-inch gate, yet productive enough for large commercial properties, resulting in easier route management and increased efficiency. Features include an innovative hands-free speed control system, trim-speed lock and a longer-lasting pump. A new optional 175-pound hopper is also available, enabling the spreader sprayer to cover a larger area more quickly and enhancing run time.

“The T3000i is designed to handle the widest range of properties from residential to commercial, and it’s the perfect choice whether running one or a fleet of ride-on applicators,” said Scott Kinkead, Turfco’s vice president. “It’s now more versatile, easier to use and more durable, thanks to customer input over the past four years.”

The patent-pending hands-free speed control system gives the operator unprecedented command. A speed-control pedal allows the operator to keep one hand free at all times to run the sprayer spreader. Combined with the steering wheel, pivoting front axle and floating ride-on platform, the new feature enhances operator control and overall ease-of-use. Additionally, the positioning of saddle tanks, the low center of gravity and hydrostatic transaxle braking system deliver dynamic braking and easy control and stability on uneven ground and hills.

The spreader sprayer’s trim-speed lock speed feature allows operators to efficiently trim the property at a consistent speed, whether using the four-foot trim spray or 15-food wand, and quickly switch back to a wider application to cover the larger areas.

The T3000i also includes a new variable speed diaphragm pump. It features longer-lasting valves for extended life, minimized maintenance and easier serviceability. The adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity system creates larger droplets for the best spray with less drift and fewer callbacks.

When coupled with the 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank, the T3000i saves 10 to 15 minutes per lawn. The tank provides three key benefits:

·         It acts as an auxiliary tank to increase the spray quantity of the spreader sprayer to 31 gallons. Using the same liquid in the 15-gallon Auxiliary Tank and the primary 16-gallon tank enables the operator to spray up to 124,000 square feet.

·         It acts as an additional sprayer for two separate liquids, which makes it simple to spray separate areas without switching equipment. The secondary liquid can be sprayed with the additional front-mount spray nozzle for the Auxiliary Tank, which sprays in six- or nine-foot widths.

·         It includes a hand wand for spraying in a smaller, more confined area. A liquid like Roundup® can be put into the 3-in-1 tank and sprayed on smaller areas, preventing damage to grass and plants around it.

“The optional 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank attachment is another innovative way Turfco listens to and meets the needs of our customers,” said Scott Kinkead, Turfco’s vice president. “Coupled with the enhanced speed control of the T3000i, the tank truly maximizes productivity – a top priority for all of our customers.”