New long distance remote from Hunter Industries

Hunter’s latest product, the Roam XL, is a long distance remote designed to let professionals communicate with multiple controllers from up to two miles away. It is recommended for use on large-scale sites such as college campuses.

According to product manager John Wascher, “The Roam XL is Hunter’s most robust remote offering do date. It is basically a powerhouse in a small package. It eliminates the need to physically visit the controller to start or stop a cycle during maintenance, installation or winterization, which greatly enhances the efficiency of site crews.”

It features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses, and is sturdier and more water resistant than past models. Its signal is strong enough to go through buildings and still communicate with a controller over a half-mile away. With nothing is in its path, it can function up to two miles from the controller. The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be carried from job to job and used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a SmartPort connector.

Hunter Industries