Todd Graus, CEO of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities, Corp. of Jackson Hole, WY is announcing the release of new equipment that produces silage from grass clippings. YCC is connecting the 90,000 landscapers nationwide with livestock producers effectively supplying an additional feed source nationwide. Graus is the inventor of the BioPac’r and a 35-year veteran of Agriculture and Horticulture. The BioPac’r is a “Patent Pending” landscape waste compactor, designed to convert lawn clippings into a safe, dependable supply of Grass Clipping Silage. Twenty-three million acres of lawn clippings are being thrown away each week into landfills, shortening their life expectancies, this biomass can be fermented into a feed grade silage product when used with a BioPac’r. Currently the product is being fed to containment cattle in Wyoming under the supervision of the University of Wyoming Ag Extension Service.

The BioPac’r slides into the bed of a pickup, flatbed or trailer and is fully self-contained. The BioPac’r is powered by a custom high torque electric motor that is powered by two average deep-cycle batteries. The batteries can be recharged by an optional solar panel that is mounted on the unit or plugged into a wall once a week. The BioPac’r is “Made in the USA” using components that are also manufactured in USA. In 100 years Graus would like our grandchildren seeing old retired BioPac’r along the highways of our nation along with the retired tractors, combines and balers of this age, a salute to American manufacturing quality.

When grass clippings are exposed to oxygen, the biomass breaks down into “compost.” When air is eliminated through compaction by the devise as the mower is emptied, the clipping can then become “Grass Clipping Silage” in about 28 days. Yellowstone Compact & Commodities will broker the 800-1500 pound silage bales between the owners of a BioPac’r and end users desiring this product. Grass Clipping Silage has a potential shelf life of several years’ verse its fresh counterpart of just a few days. 

Grass Clipping Silage has many uses; as a livestock feed, feed stock to fuel pellet manufacturers and the feed stock for biological gas (methane) producers in commercial Bio-methane digesters. Popular herbicides that are applied to residential and commercial lawns break down during this anaerobic ensiling process. Yellowstone Compact & Commodities will continue to educate and recommend to lawn maintenance companies, YCC approved lawn care products to achieve the goal of an even safer feed product.

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