Rain Delay drying agent

Rain Delay is an economical problem solver.  It is made up of granular crystals with a potassium polymer base designed to absorb water within minutes at a rate near 300:1. Rain Delay is an ideal drying agent for baseball fields and a wonderful soil amendment to hold water at the roots with an absorption rate 15 times the capacity of peat moss.

Rain Delay particles swell when exposed to water to form a clear gel. Unlike a sponge, in which water can be wrung out easily, these tiny reservoirs retain the absorbed water. This unique ability to hold absorbed water, even under pressure, is a primary benefit of using Rain Delay.  One pound of Rain Delay can absorb up to 40 gallons of rain water.


BASEBALL FIELD DRYING AGENT. With a 300:1 absorption ratio Rain Delay will out perform most other ball field drying agents with typical ratios of 1:1 at a price considerably lower than similar products. This desiccant will abosorb the water on your infield, turn mud into dirt, and get you back on the field. Don’t let the rain manage your fields.  Take control with Rain Delay. Having an absorption ratio near 300:1 allows Rain Delay to clearly out perform other infield drying agents with typical ratios of 1:1. Five Pounds Rain Delay of can absorb the same volume water as 500 pounds of calcined clay.   Rain Delay is, also, priced well below all other potassium based polymer  absorbents.  Rain Delay is a desiccant that will enable you to turn mud into dirt and get back on the field.  Witness the remarkable reduction in mud, rain outs, rain delays, puddles, cancelled games and cost.  The frustration from rain outs can ruin an entire season. Mud on your field is a problem.  Scheduling and rescheduling can be a nightmare. Have you ever moved your infield practice to the outfield grass because the infield was unplayable? 

Most field managers dry their fields with calcined clay. This takes tons of material throughout the course of the season. Calcined clay poses storage, application, and labor issues. Calcined clay is not practical for practice fields or spur of the moment emergencies. Now you can replace pallets of clay with buckets of Rain Delay and get it into the hands of coaches and even parents.

Rain Delay keeps working.  After your rain event Rain Delay will dehydrate into the surface and wait until the next event to start working again.  If kept out of the sunlight Rain Delay can repeat this cycle, at a diminishing a rate, for several years.