These companies will be exhibiting their products and services in Long Beach, CA at STMA Conference January 12-13.

2012 STMA Conference List of Exhibitors

List of Exhibitors in Long Beach


A Turf, Inc.                                                                           940

Cheektowaga NY

A-Turf, Inc. specializes in the sales and installation of both in filled and conventional synthetic grass systems for athletic fields.  A-Turf’s focus is to provide superior synthetic grass systems combined with exceptional installation and after sales service.


A-G Sod Farms, Inc.                                                            1232

Riverside CA

Growers of quality turfgrass since 1969.  We provide rolls, slabs, big roll, stolons and sprigs.


Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.                                      1137

Hilliard OH

Leading manufacturer of corrugated polyethylene pipe and related drainage pipe and fittings.


Aer-Flo, Inc.                                                                          732

Oneco FL

Aer-Flo, Inc. manufactures unique sports covers, including patented Wind Weighted® Baseball Tarps and Bench Zone™ Sideline Turf Protectors.


AerWay                                                                                  836

Norwich Ontario Canada

AerWay produces a full line of Turf Aeration Solutions.  AerWay aerators are available starting at 45” all the way up to 15’ wide – in both 3-Point and Pull Type configurations.


The Andersons                                                                      828

Maumee OH

The Andersons is the manufacturer of premium granular fertilizers, insecticides and professional grade spreaders.  We also feature the dispersing granule carrier DG Pro that gets the active ingredients to the target area first.


Aquatrols                                                                               729

Paulsboro NJ

Products that help to improve and maintain your root zone environment.


Armacell                                                                                 1140

Mebane NC

A global leader in foam technology, premium turf underlayments and padding systems for athletic and recreational surfaces. Superior shock attenuation, faster installation, patent-pending drainage systems.


AstroTurf®                                                                          1006

Dalton GA

The legendary AstroTurf® brand offers advance, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies leveraging the industries first vertically integrated manufacturing system.


Bannerman LTD                                                                  307

Rexdale Ontario Canada                                    

Aeration equipment, large turf rollers, topdressing machines, infield groomers, wet and dry liners, overseeding equipment and turf combs.


Barenbrug USA                                                                    211

Tangent OR

Barenbrug USA is an Oregon-based grass seed research company, selling turf and forage seed through a wholesale distribution network across the USA.


Barkshire Laser Leveling, Inc.                                            501

San Clemente CA

Since 1998, Barkshire Laser Leveling, Inc. has provided premier fine finish laser grading services on sportsfields and golf courses.  Additional services include renothatching and renovation along with laser topdressing.


Beacon Athletics                                                                    418

Middleton WI

Supplies soil amendments, field maintenance equipment, custom netting, padding, windscreens and more.


Becker Underwood, Inc.                                                      203

Ames IA

Manufacturer of Green Lounger, turf paint products, sprint iron, biostimulants and other turf management products.


Buffalo Turbine LLC                                                           1034

Springville NY

Since1945, Buffalo Turbine has used “Turbine Technology” with our vast number of blowers and sprayers.


Burnside Services, Inc.                                                         1019

Navasota TX

We are a family owned and operated athletic field construction company built on integrity, productivity and quality.  We have specialized in all types of high quality field construction for over twenty years.


Bush Sports Turf                                                                  1035

Milan IL

Analysis, renovation and construction of athletic fields.


C & H Baseball, Inc.                                                             630

Eagle ID

C & H Baseball is the industry’s leader in new stadium construction netting and field equipment. Supplying and installing field wall padding, windscreen, barrier nets, batting tunnels and artificial turf. We have successfully become a “one-stop” shop for all of your stadium needs.


Carolina Green Corp.                                                           704

Indian Trail NC

Licensed sports field contractor specializing in the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of native or modified soil and sand based fields.


Country Stone-Redfield                                                      934

Milan IL

Red lava infield topdressing and warning track mix used on baseball and softball fields from little league to major league.


Covermaster Inc.                                                                  104

Rexdale Ontario Canada

A leading supplier of baseball/football athletic field covers, mound and plate covers, turf growth blankets, turf protective systems and protective wall padding.


Cover Sports                                                                         906

Philadelphia PA

Manufacturer of products for athletic surfaces – rain tarps, turf blankets/growth covers, turf protection covers, standing wall padding, track protectors, fence screen and fence-top protection.



Dakota Peat & Equipment                                                  700

East Grand Forks MN

Manufacturer of top dressing equipment and supplier of peat, blending and testing.


Desso Sports System                                                            1124


Desso DLW Sports Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of outdoor sports surfacing solutions.


Diamond Pro                                                                         427

Dallas TX

Provides groundskeepers nationwide a complete line of professional grounds keeping products and equipment.


DLF International Seeds                                                      813

Halsey OR

The DLF Trifolium Group, of which DLF International Seeds is a member, is the world’s largest producer and marketer of grass and clover seed. From the center of seed production in Halsey, Oregon, DLF International Seeds provides outstanding service to your distribution network. 


DryJect, Inc                                                                           1010

Hatboro PA

We are a patent aeration service with Service Centers that can amend your turf almost anywhere in the world.  We also supply the new revolutionary Drainage PC system that can be installed into existing turf with minimal disruption.


DuPont Professional Products                                             400

Brandenburg KY

DuPont has a vision to become the world’s most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. DuPont Professional Products brings the company’s 200-year tradition of science and innovation to the global pest management, turf/ornamentals, sports turf and golf industries.


EarthWorks Natural Organic Products                             805

Easton PA

Earthworks provides dry organic, liquid organics, soil amendments and soil testing.


ECO Chemical                                                                      824                         

Seattle WA

Manufacturers of 1) the first and best removable paint and equipment for synthetic turf fields and 2) an innovative dehydrated paint for grass fields that ships in a cardboard box.


EP Minerals                                                                           501

Reno NV

EP Minerals manufactures Axis® Premium Soil Amendments and PlayBall!® Premium Infield Conditioners.  Axis conserves water for the plants and converts sandy soil or compacted clay into healthy soil.  PlayBall! Provides a firm, dry, and dust-free infield surface in all conditions.


Engage Agro USA                                                                                1241

Prescott AZ

Engage Agro USA specializes in crop protection and nutritional products for agricultural, turf, industrial, and niche crop markets in the United States.


Ewing                                                                                     616

Phoenix AZ

Wholesale distributor in 19 states providing turf professionals’ quality products and services.


Fairmount Sports and Recreation                                      305

Chardon OH

High purity silica sand for sports fields, synthetic turf, and recreational areas.



FieldTurf                                                &nb