Underhill’s new ready-made irrigation system for synthetic fields

Underhill International introduces an industry first: new ready-to-install M-160 Total Solutions Kits for synthetic sports field irrigation.

Total Solutions Kits save hours of design and installation time because they include complete AutoCad™ irrigation system illustrations and key irrigation components in one package.

 Sports field designers can “plug in” the Underhill AutoCad drawings into a field layout, while contractors have a ready-to-install mechanical system with site-specific products and schematics.

Featuring robust, built-to-last components, the M-160 Total Solutions Kits are designed to perform for more than 20 years.

Shipped ready to assemble, the TS Kits include:

•  Detailed ÅutoCad illustrations of an irrigation system layout

•  Underhill M-160 long-throw sprinkler (covers up to 174 feet)

•  3”-, 4”- or 6”-deep lateral with isolation valve configurations available

•  Underhill 3” electric sleeve valve

•  Ductile iron swing joints and all required fittings and assemblies

•  Rugged, stainless steel Underhill Turf Box™ enclosure for M-160 sprinkler. Turf Box is fabricated from 16-gauge stainless steel with stainless steel hardware. Allows through-the-top access during maintenance without disturbing the turf.

Underhill M-160 sprinklers have become a “cleaning and cooling solution” for synthetic sports fields. Field managers typically syringe artificial turf in order to cool down and clean the playing surface before events.

On warm summer days, surface temperatures on synthetic fields can rise to 120° and above. By cooling off and cleaning the playing surface, Underhill

M-160 sprinklers create a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment for participants.