Starting November 14, Cub Cadet will donate $1 to GreenCare For Troops for every new fan who "Likes" the Cub Cadet Facebook page, with the goal of raising $25,000.

Cub Cadet launches new campaign to aid military families

Cub Cadet announced the launch of a new Facebook campaign to support military families nationwide. GreenCare for Troops (GCFT), a national outreach program coordinated by Project EverGreen, helps hundreds of volunteers provide free lawn and landscaping services for military families while loved ones are serving overseas. Starting November 14, Cub Cadet will donate $1 to GCFT for every new fan who “Likes” the Cub Cadet Facebook page, with the goal of raising $25,000.

Since its inception in 2006, Cub Cadet has helped GCFT serve more than 10,000 military families as the initiative’s sole underwriter. In 2010, Cub Cadet, Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe and Discovery teamed up to bring national attention to GCFT. Discovery aired a segment highlighting Cub Cadet and Mike Rowe helping Sgt. Peter Mavropoulos with his lawn in Southern California after he returned from serving two tours in Iraq.  Since the Discovery segment, hundreds of families and volunteers have joined the GCFT ranks.  With this new Facebook initiative, Cub Cadet hopes to engage more online fans and generate additional GCFT registrations. 

“We continue our commitment to support GreenCare for Troops, which shows our gratitude to American military families and our communities,” said Jeff Salamon, director of marketing, Cub Cadet. “Working with Mike Rowe again to help bring attention to GreenCare for Troops demonstrates both his and our dedication to this effort. While maintaining a green space may not seem like a huge task to you or me, it is one less thing for these families who have a loved one deployed overseas to worry about. It’s a little peace of mind.”

“Cub has gone beyond the call of duty by bringing GCFT’s mission to the attention of those who need our services the most and those who can join us in making an impact at a local level,” said Cindy Code, executive director, Project Evergreen. “We’re grateful that Cub Cadet continues to help fund and drive awareness around GreenCare for Troops and is encouraging the social media community to rally behind our efforts.”

Cub Cadet Facebook fans can also register to win a special GCFT Dirt Shirt. Created by Mike Rowe, the Dirt Shirt lists Rowe’s top 10 reasons to support the GCFT initiative, for example “#10: Coming home to an overgrown jungle is just not cool.” New winners will be announced weekly throughout the campaign. 

To donate $1 to GCFT, “like” Cub Cadet’s Facebook page at

Additional ways to support GCFT include:

Adopt one or two families by maintaining their lawns throughout the summer.
Loan your premium quality Cub Cadet equipment to volunteers.
Repair equipment for families that want to care for their own property, but don’t have a working mower.
Visit Project Evergreen’s web site to register as a GCFT volunteer at
Go to and buy a GCFT Dirt Shirt.