Kochek’s new quick coupler key hose adapter

Kochek Company introduces a NEW innovative design for the irrigation market with our “Quick Coupler Key Hose Adapter”. Made of Stainless Steel Reinforced Clear Poly-Braid 1” hose and powder coated aluminum “Full-Flow” couplings with a full-time swivel, this new product replaces the need for the traditional rigid elbow connections currently being used. 


Kochek’s innovative design delivers full flow capability and its threaded connection attaches to and can be adapted to any quick coupler or sprinkler.  Current designs with a 90˚ elbow restrict water flow due to the directional change and reduced inside diameter of the brass casting.  Our 1” hose flexes without kinking to provide full water flow at all times.  The full time swivel provides 360˚ of hose movement.  The hose and hose ends are rated for 200 PSI. Available with 2 male ends. 


Our Design:                                                              Yesterdays Design:

-Hose Rotates 360°.


-Flexible hose connection prevents tension

 on the sprinkler head or quick coupling key.

-Unrestricted Water Flow.

-Universal Threaded Connection.



-Pulling the hose creates tension on the fitting’s rigid elbow creating undo stress on the sprinkler body or quick coupling key, compromising the integrity and affecting performance.


-90° Elbow Restricts Water Flow