FMC Professional Solutions has received registration from the State of New York for the sale and use of SquareOne herbicide.

SquareOne herbicide now registered in New York State

Just in time for the fall renovation season, FMC Professional Solutions, announces it has received registration from the State of New York for the sale and use of SquareOne™ herbicide.

Unlike other products that are too harsh on newly seeded turf or require multiple applications, SquareOne herbicide can be applied just one day before seeding or as early as seven days after emergence on most turf grasses. This means weed populations are reduced from the start, allowing for maximum turf density with fewer herbicide applications or the need to reseed the following spring.

SquareOne is labeled for crabgrass and many small broadleaf weeds, and can be used in spring and fall on lawns, athletic fields, sod farms, and golf courses. In addition to New York, it is currently registered for use in all other states except CA and HI.

“Many herbicides have restrictions for use around seeding, typically seven to 30 days prior to seeding or 28 days or three mowings after emergence,” said Adam Manwarren, FMC product manager for turf and ornamental products. “SquareOne shortens this window significantly so turf grows in faster and healthier, and renovations have a better chance of success.”


Designed for newly seeded turf, including interseeding and overseeding, SquareOne is a dispersible granule formulation that mixes easily in water. SquareOne works primarily through foliar contact and uptake on existing weeds at application time, but also continues to hold back grassy weed competition until the new turf is established.

It is sold in a convenient, tip-and-measure package that will treat 30,000 sq. ft. using average use rates.


For additional label updates, sign up for FMC’s new label update service. In addition, the FMC herbicide solutions finder can help you determine the best herbicide for your region and turf type.