A gentler approach to thatch removal

Classen, an industry-leading brand of commercial and residential turf care equipment, has expanded their turf rake line by adding two new spring tine models, the TR-20RH (with Honda GX160 engine) and the TR-20RB (with B&S Intek 850 engine). With all of the same great performance and user-friendly features and benefits as Classen’s current turf rake line, the new spring tine reel models are more forgiving on lawns that have in-ground sprinkler systems or other permanently installed objects in the turf.

The new Classen TR-20R is the ideal solution for those areas where flail reel or slicer blade reels are too aggressive. The new reel features 104 individual spring tines that are surface-treated to provide over 50% added strength and tine life.

Like the rest of the Classen Turf Rake line, the new TR-20R is a versatile and portable lawn dethatcher:

Easily converts to a vertical slicer or seeder in minutes.
Convenient folding handles for easy storage and transport.
Five position blade height adjustment.
Heavy duty grease bearings with cast iron housings hold up to the rigors of commercial and rental applications. 

Partial spring tine or complete spring tine reel assemblies are also available. Both assemblies will fit any Classen brand turf rake or seeder model and make an ideal retrofit for adding dethatcher functionality to existing Classen machines.