Synthetic Surfaces introduces new outdoor adhesive product

NORDOT Adhesive #34P-4 from Synthetic Surfaces Inc. is a new, one component outdoor adhesive that was designed to install and/or repair synthetic turf and other outdoor surfaces in widely variable and sometimes hostile weather conditions. It fills the need for a versatile adhesive which allows the outdoor installation and repair season to expand from only “fair weather” days to year-round. Surfaces that benefit are: playgrounds, athletic fields, landscaping, rooftops, golf, airports and lounging areas. Additional non-obvious outdoor uses will be recognized by professionals in construction, marine, military and recreational industries.

NORDOT® Adhesive #34P-4 can be applied to a dry or damp surface at any outdoor temperature and humidity in which a mechanic can work.  It is particularly useful in cold weather, when installations and repairs usually stop because, to our knowledge, no other adhesive can be used for installations from hot desert temperatures down to

below freezing.  After curing, NORDOT® Adhesive #34P-4 has outstanding durability both above ground and under water.