Terra Groom by Wiedenmann

Wiedenmann’s Terra Brush has the option of rake finger attachments for loosening the rubber infill on artificial turf.  Wiedenmann’s research has shown that with the rake fingers located in the front of the brush, the rubber crumb is evenly distributed after the loosening process.  Because of this research, the Terra Brush has the optional rake fingers located in the front of the groomer.

This year, Wiedenmann introduced the new, lighter weight Terra Groom. The design and placement of the brushes is a combination of zigzag brushes with a straight row of brushes in the front and rear of the brush.  The design engineers at Wiedenmann discovered that, by using stiffer bristle brushes on the front, straight row of the Terra Groom, results similar to those of a rake finger attachment were created without the additional cost of the rake fingers and without the risk of catching a seam.  The resulting distribution and decompaction of the infill is equal to or better than the results created when using rake fingers.

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