Each Harrell's product is designed to enhance the quality of turf and plants by increasing the efficacy of the products turf and ornamental managers use every day.

Harrell’s introduces a new line of adjuvants and colorants

Harrell’s offers turf and ornamental managers a complete full line of highly effective, Harrell’s branded adjuvants and colorants that fit nicely in any budget. Storms have ravaged several parts of the country and in other states cool weather prevails; “We can’t control the weather or get back the lost revenue for our customers but we can help them stretch their budgets, get the most from their sprays and make it easier to improve playing conditions as quickly as possible,” offers Jack Harrell, Jr. Chairman and CEO. 

Each Harrell’s product is designed to enhance the quality of turf and plants by increasing the efficacy of the products turf and ornamental managers use every day. From Harrell’s Crop Oil Concentrate to Harrell’s Nonionic Spreader Sticker, turf and ornamental managers can count on a product that will strengthen the hard work they already put into taking care of their turf and plants.

Two products many turf and ornamental managers use on a regular basis to improve turf  and ornamental sprays are pH buffer’s and fungicide activator’s, which Harrell’s has included as part of their SprayMAX line. High pH of tank mixes increases the chance for alkaline hydrolysis, a process where some insecticides and herbicides decompose or split reducing the efficacy of their applications.  “Research shows that you can reduce, even eliminate, alkaline hydrolysis and enhance herbicide and insecticide activity by buffering tank solution pH., says Raymond Snyder, Ph.D., Harrell’s R&D Manager.  “You can also manage water hardness with Harrell’s Herbicide Activator™.”

Equally important is to make sure fungicide placement and activity is optimized. Spreading, penetration, translocation, and uptake can be improved with Harrell’s Fungicide Activator™. Enhanced activity has been seen for both contact and systemic fungicides, helping turf and ornamental managers improve disease control and reduce labor and product costs needed for additional sprays when fungicides don’t perform at maximum capacity.   

To see the full line of Harrell’s SprayMAXTM products line visit http://harrells.com/focus/spraymax/

Established in Lakeland, Florida in 1941, Harrell’s production of fertilizer exceeds 75,000 tons annually. Products are shipped all around the eastern United States, across the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and along the Pacific Rim. Harrell’s is the exclusive eastern formulator and a leading world distributor of POLYON® Technology, the industry’s superior controlled-release fertilizer technology.

Harrell’s is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Lakeland, Florida with production facilities in Alabama and Florida. Harrell’s, LLC currently has distribution centers in Charlotte, NC, Danbury, CT, York, PA, Butler, PA, Chicago, IL, New Hudson, MI, Whitestown, IN,  Homestead, FL and Auburn, MA.