Product overview: Honda trimmers

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of four-stroke string trimmers for commercial  applications, consisting of three trimmer models, featuring semi-matic feed or manual feed nylon cutting heads or available brush cutting blades.

The Honda HHT25SLTAT trimmer, powered by the Honda GX25 four-stroke engine, offers exceptionally quiet operation as well as a more powerful performance than two-stroke models manufactured by competitors.  No fuel mixing is required, and, as a result, the engine emits virtually no exhaust smell.   For more demanding applications, the Honda HHT35SLTAT, powered by the Honda GX35 four-stroke engine, has quick acceleration and excellent torque for the most demanding of applications among commercial, rental and residential users. The Honda HHT35UKAT, also powered by the Honda GX35 four-stroke engine, is ideal for rigorous applications including heavy duty brush clearing and other professional jobs.

Product Line                                           




HHT25SLTAT Trimmer


LTA – Semi-matic (bump feed) head with Quiet Line

HHT35SLTAT Trimmer


LTA – Semi-matic (bump feed) head with Quiet Line



Bike type

Manual feed head with Quiet Line; easily adjustable without disassembly or tools.

Common Features

Honda trimmers use an industry standard 10mm-1.25 LHM arbor. 

Cutting Head Options

Manual Feed – Easily adjustable, spring-loaded twin .095” lines deliver a polished cut.

Semi-matic – A quick, simple tap on a flat surface supplies two .095″ lines for light jobs. (HHT25SLTAT and HHT35SLTAT)

Semi-pro – Pro-grade semi-matic head dispenses two .095” lines with a quick tap. (optional)

Pro-tap – Heavy-duty head feeds two .105″ lines with tap on a flat surface. (optional)

In addition to these four options, Honda trimmers can accommodate a variety of 9” or 10” cutting blades (with optional barrier kit).

All of Honda’s trimmers offer the features commercial operators expect: heavy-duty, flexible shafts with lifetime warranty housed in an aluminum tube with a centrifugal clutch with final drive-through bevel gears; and an electronic ignition with primer systems for quick, reliable starts.  

Honda trimmers are powered by Honda’s advanced, 360° inclinable four-stroke engines.  The four-stroke engine design, in addition to its environmentally advanced characteristics, is inherently quieter, virtually smokeless, more fuel-efficient and produces considerably less vibration than most two-stroke engines.  And, unlike the two-stroke engine, it requires no special gas/oil mixtures, so there is never a chance for improperly mixed fuels.

The HHT35S uses Honda’s 360° inclinable GX35 mini four-stroke engine known for its low noise level, low vibration level, and ease of starting.  This model effectively bridges the weight gap with the two-stroke competition while delivering all of the advantages of a four-stroke engine. The engine’s oil-immersed timing belt and overhead-cam (OHC) architecture makes it possible to incorporate the valve train into the oil reservoir.  This design configuration reduces the size and weight of the HHT35S, making it comparable to a competitive two-stroke engine in those areas as well as an ideal addition to Honda’s hand-held power equipment models. This Honda trimmer is available in two configurations: the HHT35SLTAT with a traditional loop handle and the HHT35UKAT with a U-shaped bicycle-style handle for increased leverage and precise control. 

As part of its design, the HHT35S trimmer also includes Honda’s Flex Shaft system that uses advanced materials for reduced weight.  Compared to conventional solid shaft systems, Flex Shaft offers:

Ø  Strongest torsional strength in the industry;

Ø  Longer life through ability to absorb shock;

Ø  Decreased operator fatigue through ability to absorb shock;

Ø  Easy disassembly for maintenance;

Ø  Ability to operate even with slight tube damage;

Ø  Lifetime shaft warranty.

Other features of the HHT35S include:

Ø  Debris deflector shield for increased operator visibility;

Ø  Soft touch loop handle for operator comfort;

Ø  Standard shoulder harness and safety goggles.

Ultra-Lightweight Trimmers

Joining the HHT35S, the HHT25SLTA is aimed at both commercial/professional and at the premium residential markets.  The 360° inclinable trimmer is among the lightest and quietest of its kind with a significant weight reduction of 2.58 pounds (18.5 percent) and a noise reduction of 2.1 decibels over previous models.

Designed, developed, and assembled in the United States, the

HHT25SLTA is available through Honda Power Equipment dealers and numerous rental outlets.

The HHT25SLTA and HHT35SLTA incorporate Honda’s unique Flex Shaft system with lifetime warranty, which employs advanced materials for reduced weight.  Compared to conventional solid shaft systems, its ability to absorb shock greatly increases durability and further reduces operator fatigue.