New Stabilizer® Gold infield mix

Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. has launched a new engineered soil, Stabilizer® Gold Infield Mix. This new Stabilizer mix reduces dust, mud, and erosion, keeping infields stable in a variety of weather conditions and allowing for extended play. This product is in-stock and available in Southern California by contacting Stabilizer Solutions, Inc.  

Comprised of a finely screened local aggregate, silt and clay, this mix is mechanically blended to be uniform throughout the soil profile and is the only infield mix guaranteed to have the original Stabilizer® mixed in it. Stabilizer Gold Infield Mix can be added to instantly improve and stabilize any existing infield.

Key features of Stabilizer Gold include:

Locally produced in Southern California;
Reduces downtime from rain events;
Manages moisture for easy maintenance;
Improves any existing infield mix;
Available in both one ton sacks or in bulk loads.

“We created the first stabilized infield mix in Southern California almost 20 years ago. Since then, our customers have continued to rely on us to provide them with superior groundskeeping products,” said Jon Hubbs, president of Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. “Stabilizer Gold Infield Mix is the perfect product for strengthening and protecting baseball and softball infields at every level of play. With less manpower to go around, groundskeepers and coaches need a mix that will help achieve a safer, more stable surface with less maintenance and less downtime after the rain.”

Stabilizer Solutions groundskeeping products are used in stadiums and ballparks around the world. To find out more, visit or www.facebook/