Markers Inc. has faster method of installing bases

Markers Inc, has developed a new, faster method of installing bases for baseball fields. The pre-assembled MarkSmart™ Anchor Foundation offers groundskeepers a no mess, no fuss, time-saving way to install bases.

The old way of installing bases involved making wooden forms, mixing and pouring concrete, placing the female anchor… and waiting for it to cure. The new MarkSmart™ way is faster, cleaner and easier. The pre-assembled, recycled rubber base with metal anchor is ready to install. It’s a quicker solution for municipal leagues, schools and collegiate level programs.

Dale Hlavin, president of Markers Inc, a manufacturer of sports equipment located in Avon Lake, Ohio explains the MarkSmart™ method, “This method eliminates several steps in anchoring bases in the ground. Most importantly, you won’t need to pour concrete. It is ready to install and use immediately.” The recycled rubber foundation won’t deteriorate, like concrete, so they will last for years. Another benefit over concrete is that they do not have to be removed after the season, but can be relocated should base locations change.

The MarkSmart™ Anchor Foundation eliminates hours of costly labor and alleviates the risks associated with carrying cumbersome and heavy products and equipment onto the field. For organizations that have purchased bases with complete anchor assemblies, Markers Inc. also offers a Do-It-Yourself kit of recycled rubber bases.

Markers Inc. distributes and manufactures products for golf course management including custom golf tournament flags, equipment for high school and college athletic programs, and products for the lawn and garden industry. Markers Inc. has received national acceptance of its MarkSmart™ Athletic Field Marking System, the SmartPole™ brand of fencing and marking systems with many national golf courses and the Holes-n-Poles Yard Products brand of innovative lawn and garden products. For more information, visit or call 1-800-969-5920.